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Elim Home is situated in a rural town, far removed from the eyes of the general public. Being out of sight of the world, unfortunately also means that the conditions in which these children live are not easy to view. Sagging floors, broken ceiling boards and cracked windows are commonplace and the lack of curtains leaves the rooms cold and not especially homely. This is not due to the lack of care or attention given by the dedicated staff at Elim Home who have worked hard to decorate and paint the windowpanes and adorn the walls with pullout magazine pictures in an attempt to provide some visual stimulation and brightness in the rooms. Rather it is a direct result of the lack of funds.

The majority (if not all) of the children and young adults at Elim Home come from disadvantaged families and although parents are required to pay a mere R50 per month towards the care of their children, the Home only receives approximately one third of the expected fees. These fees are used to meet the children’s specific requirements for clothing, and personal hygiene.

In addition to the minimal parent fees, the Home receives annual subsidies and disability grants, however these represent only a third of the actual cost of taking care of these children. This places an enormous strain on the organisation that has to fundraise to compensate for the difference - not to mention also maintain the buildings and provide essential therapy equipment and facilities.

In 2001 Elim Home embarked on a fundraising campaign to raise the necessary funds required to meet our most urgent requirements. These include:

1. Purchase essential occupational and physical therapy equipment;
2. Convert a partial garage structure into adequate therapy facilities;
3. Upgrade the existing dilapidated residential facilities;
4. Establish a frail care centre for those young adults that are now over the age of 18 and are therefore no longer financially supported by the Department of Health but who are too severely disabled to return home;
5. Start an endowment fund that will ensure the long-term sustainability of Elim Home

Other needs are for equipment that will enable the children at Elim to be more mobile (i.e. wheelchairs & walkers); household requirements (i.e. clothing, bedding, towels, blankets); staff development & administration; and the agricultural project (which will help us to both reduce overheads and hopefully also generate a small income).

To date we have managed to raise sufficient funding to purchase the required therapy equipment and construct the new therapy department to house the equipment. We still, however have a long way to go with regard to meeting our remaining needs and are very grateful for any support we receive towards our endeavour. To make a donation to Elim Home’s fundraising campaign, Click Here